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AP 2D Art And Design 

Sustained Investigation Portfolio 2020-2021

Through my sustained investigation inquiry, I wanted to explore the intersection of music and photography. Concert photography is usually my main focus, but since the pandemic presented many unique challenges, I was unable to continue. I decided, instead, to visualize movie scores. I listened to my favorite movies' scores and tried to express through my photos what each song made me feel or see. After listening to each song many times, I started visualizing scenes and images accompanying each song. Through these photographs, I aimed to

capture the visual, or feeling that I felt represented each song. This was a new and different way for me to express music through my photography, rather than capturing moments at live music events. Photos 1-13 are in order, coordinating with my sketchbook inquiry and research on slides 14 and 15. Each photo is the result of meticulous research and planning. I shot these from winter of 2020 through spring of 2021 from places throughout the east coast from Connecticut to New York to Florida.

1. Nemo Egg (Main title)
   By thomas newman
   (Finding Nemo)
Nemo Egg (Main Title).jpg

2. Daylight Express to Lutz
   By Alexandre Desplat
   (The Grand Budapest Hotel)

Daylight Express to Lutz.jpg

3. Ponyo's Sisters
   By Joe Hisaishi

Ponyo's Sisters.jpg

4. The Society of the Crossed Keys
   By Alexandre Desplat 
   (The Grand Budapest Hotel)

The Society of the Crossed Keys.jpg

5. The Avengers
   By Alan Silvestri 
   (The Avengers)

The Avengers.jpg

6. The Umbrella Academy
   By Jeff Russo 
   (The Umbrella Academy) 

The Umbrella Academy.jpg

7. Can You Dig It (Iron Man 3 Main Titles)
   Brian Taylor
   (Iron Man 3)

Can You Dig It (Iron Man 3 Main Titles).

8. Mr. Moustafa
   By Alexandre Desplat

   (The Grand Budapest Hotel)

Mr. Moustafa.jpg

9. Towards the Sea of Dipnorhynchus
   By Joe Hisaishi

Towards the Sea of the Dipnorhynchus.jpg

10. Knives Out! (String Quartet in G Minor)
   By Nathan Johnson
   (Knives Out)

Knives Out!.jpg

11. The Mandalorian 
   By Ludwig Goransson
   (The Mandalorian)

The Mandalorian.jpg

12. Norman's Walk
   By Joe Brian

Norman's Walk.jpg

13. Kristofferson's Theme 
   By Alexandre Desplat
   (Fantastic Mr. Fox)

Kristofferson's Theme.jpg
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