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iPhone Shooting + Forgetting Your Gear

Is it just me or does every photographer have a deep irrational fear of forgetting their gear? Well, I definitely do.  I have literally had nightmares about forgetting my camera when going on a trip or at a concert.

I started my photography career by shooting on my iPhone. That is how I got into concert photography. I tried to get the best possible shot by using my phone. Once I got my camera, I realized how absurd it was to use an iPhone (keep in mind that I have an iPhone 6s), especially for my use case. 

I have had multiple dreams about showing up to a concert, getting a photo pass and not having my camera with me. It is an irrational fear that is very easy to overcome, but still, I am terrified of the thought of being unprepared. 

Well, this exact situation happened to me this past winter break. I flew to Florida to visit family, and from there took a road trip up to Disney. I am a huge Disney fanatic, so it was heartbreaking to arrive, and realize that my bag was left at the house. I made do with my iPhone, and the shots came out alright, but not fabulous. 


I dislike how grainy the iPhone is and how it lacks the crispness and creative and technical abilities that my camera has. For instance, I love using my 50mm f1.8 lens to get a shallow depth of field which gives Disney photos a dream feel that fits the mood of their environment. 

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