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new Canaan Carriage Barn Art Show

The New Canaan Carriage Barn Arts Center is a historic landmark in Connecticut. The charming cottage house hosts multiple art collections and competitions a year. The host an annual photography show each year that is open to the public for entry.


The judge for this show was Stephen Wilkes. He is a well-known photographer who takes stunning large-format photographs of landscapes. He stays in one spot for up to a day taking many photos of the same place. He then merges the photos to show the gradual gradient between day and night.


This year, my photography class took a field trip to Chelsea, Manhattan and saw his show, “A Witness to Change” at the Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery. Stephen was the person to narrow down the 650 applicants to under 100. He looked at the submissions without knowing if they were submitted by professionals, amateurs, or students. This makes it all the more special that I was accepted into the show.


I submitted my photo, “Flaming Shoes”. The photo depicts the shoe of Ryan Scott Graham, the bass player in the band State Champs playing at the Sad Summer Festival on Pier 17 in New York City in July 2019. In my photos, I like to keep a similar color palete and lighting style. I think that I got the coloring near perfect and the lighting framing the photo almost perfectly. Technically, this is one of my best photos. The focusing is crisp and diffused in all the right places.

ryan shoef.jpg

The reception was an amazing experience. To meet the other exhibiting artists and Stephen, himself was inspiring to say the least. I would highly encourage anyone in New York or Connecticut area to stop by the New Canaan Carriage Barn between January 11th and February 13th of 2020. 

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